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Buzzword is a fast growing product that helps people to find out
what others are saying about an event, product, concert or brand

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How Can Buzzword Help You?

We aggregate content from social media so you can hear the Buzzword

Save you time and effort

Instead of you having to go to multiple social media and accounts to look for what people are saying about your event, concert, product or brand, just use Buzzword and see all content in one place

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Works across all devices

With our product you will be able to keep up with the Buzzword no matter where you are and what type of device you’d be using.

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Easy to customise

Whether you decide to see Buzzword from the instance we can create for you or embed it in your own website we’ll be here to assist you all the way.

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Hear what other are saying

Whit Buzzword you can start a trendy discussion about your event with just a hashtag and then promote it and see what the world is saying about it.

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